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Did P.G. County assess your home at a higher price than the homes are selling for in your subdivision? Want to appeal or petition your real estate taxes? We have the comparative sold homes to send to P.G. county government with hopes that they will lower your assessment. Call LeOra to assist you at her home office~ 301-599-0932

Are you getting your Homestead Tax Credit On your P.G. County Real Estate Taxes? It was discovered that one of my clients was not getting the Homestead Tax Credit because P.G County thought he was not living in his home, therefore, his taxes were higher. Since his property taxes are combined with his mortgage payment,when his property taxes are lowered, his payment to his mortgage company will be lowered. Check your P.G. County assessment that was sent to you in the U.S. mail and/ or call me to discuss choices.

Are you paying hazard insurance on your home? If so, how much? Call at least 5 home hazard insurance companies and get estimates on hazard insurance for your home.Compare your estimated prices with what you are currently paying. If you are paying this insurance with your mortgage payment, again, lower it, inform your mortgage company and your payment to your mortgage company should be lowered.

Check on FORECLOSURE HELP at the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation Of America site.



It is time. Many homes that were selling for 175,200,300,400, and 500 thousand dollars are now selling for half the price.

The mortgage payment on a home that cost $175,000 is approximately $993.63 per month plus taxes and insurance. Purchase a $250,000 home and pay approximately $1,419.47 per month plus taxes and insurance ★ interest rates on the above payments were calculated at 5.5 percent ★ a possible home owners' association fee may apply.

Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance
My HOME Program

Through HUD's HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) the County has acquired over $1 million to use toward Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance loans. The County's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has recently finalized the program guidelines and will be announcing the official start of the program this week.

Preliminary Details:

My HOME Program Guidelines

REALTOR® & Lender Training Schedule & Details

At this point there is just over $1 million dedicated to down payment and closing cost assistance through this program. It is estimated that this may translate into over 100 loans. Prepare yourself and your clients to be ready for this opportunity. An announcement from the County and a new website at is expected shortly. Long & Foster Realtors,Inc. 12220 Central Ave Mitchellville, Md. 20721 Phone 301-390-2935 Ext: 5939lflogonarlogo